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Atlas Orthogonal

Is your head on straight? Many people have problems that actually relate to the placement of the head on the neck. Our doctors can find out if the Atlas Orthogonal treatment program is right for you.

Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal

Dr. Crowley is Board Certified in the Atlas Orthogonal method for precisely re-aligning the top bone in the neck. She is located in Monroe, MI and proudly serves patients from all over the United States.
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Spinal Decompression

Undo the damage caused by gravity and years of wear of tear. Decompressive therapy works to rehydrate, nourish and reverse the effects of gravity.

Spinal Decompression

Fight the effects of gravity with spinal decompression.
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Cold Laser Therapy

Decrease pain and inflammation and increase healing. Cold laser is great for people who have dealt with neck and back pain for years.

Cold Laser Therapy

Photobiomodulation is used to decrease the cells that cause pain and inflammation while at the same time bringing healing and repair to the injured tissues through increase blood flow.
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Our Team

Our team of dedicated and loyal professionals will treat you as a whole person.  It is our goal to help every person who comes through our doors to live a healthy, wholistic based lifestyle that is free from interference both external and internal. 

Dr. Morgan Crowley, DC, BCAO

Dr. Crowley is board certified in the Atlas Orthogonal procedure. She loves her patients and helping her community to live a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Brandon Brock, DC

Dr. Brock is a specialist in upper cervical chiropractic care. Upper cervical chiropractic chose him when it cured him of his debilitating migraines many years ago. Since then his passion has been to serve his community using upper cervical care.

Mia Soto

Mia is our front desk chiropractic assistant. She can answer any and all of your questions. Mia loves helping new patients to find out if Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is right for them. Give her a call today and schedule your complimentary consultation with Drs. Crowley or Brock

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