Whiplash is caused by the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the cervical spine. Usually this happens unexpectedly as in a car accident, tubing, water skiing, horse back riding, 4-wheeling, and many more.  In Monroe Michigan, our community members have very active lifestyles and as such, our doctors have great experience taking care of people after such an accident. 

Upper Cervical Spine Centers of Michigan is the best chiropractic office to see after an accident.  We take great care of our practice members and make sure that they get the best results possible.  Using state of the art radiographs, muscle scanning technology, heart rate variability testing, wireless range of motion and neurologic/orthopedic testing we have the most comprehensive exams to establish your need. 

If you have suffered from injuries stemming back decades, do not give up hope.  We have helped many people who have ‘been everywhere and seen everyone’.  In fact, most of our patients’ have been to other chiropractors, and tried many other therapies before coming to our office. 

Most people take matters into their own hands and find us after doing extensive research of the cervical spine because the cervical spine is usually the main site of injury and has the most expansive effect on the central and peripheral nervous systems. Some find us by our google reviews, some through Facebook/Instagram, while others find us through the Atlas Orthogonal website. 

If you have suffered from a whiplash injury and are in the Monroe area or Southeast Michigan, call Upper Cervical Spine Centers of Michigan at 734-241-1111.