Wellness Care

Wellness Care in Monroe Michigan and Southeast Michigan 

If you are looking for wellness care for you and your whole family, Upper Cervical Spine Centers of Michigan is for you. 

We offer comprehensive family chiropractic wellness care which means only getting adjusted when subluxation is detected. This is important because undetected subluxation can lead to chronic subluxations which are the precursor to permanent degenerative changes in the spine.  Most of the time, people do not realize they have had subluxations sitting in their spine until there is pain.  Pain is the last sign/symptom that something is wrong.  We know that often times the problem has been there for days, months, even years before we are alerted to the issue. 

That’s why it is so important to get yourself and your family checked regularly. Our office also offers, Zyto balance testing, which provides in depth analysis of vitamin/mineral levels.  It can also detect other important factors that might be negatively impacting your health.  Our doctors never ‘push pills’ but instead provide our practice members in Monroe with the necessary tools to make informed decisions for themselves because the best way to help someone is to educate them on their own body. 

We also provide education to our patients’ in the form of weekly newsletters.  Our newsletters are designed to touch on topics that affect our overall wellness.  We believe that traumas come from physical, mental/emotional, and chemical origins.  In order to live a vitalistic life we need to constantly check in with our environments, our thoughts, and our bodies in order to respond to changes. Our heart rate variability testing measures the body’s ability to adapt to stress.  When our heart rate variability is low, that means that we can no longer adapt to different stressors. We might fall ill easier or perform worse at work or at home. 

Well-ness care is not merely the absence of disease, it is complete health in mind and body.