Neck Pain & Radiating Pain

Neck Pain- Numbness and Tingling Into Hands in Monroe Michigan 

Upper Cervical Spine Centers of Michigan is a leader in Michigan when it comes to dealing with neck pain, radiating pain into arms and hands.  Our doctors have extensive knowledge of the cervical spine.  They have spent 4 years in undergraduate college, 4 years in graduate college, and another 3-4 years in specialty training.  They have taken extra courses in the head and neck anatomy and spend time every year collaborating with the best in the country to deliver the best care for our practice members in Monroe Michigan. 

Neck pain is a very common condition that people have in Monroe as well as all of Michigan.  Our doctors use upper cervical techniques such as Atlas Orthogonal to treat the cervical spine.  This program requires the doctor to become board certified in the technique. To find out if a doctor is board-certified simply go to the AO Website.  

Most of the time neck conditions go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Patients deal with symptoms such as : shoulder pain; numbness/tingling in arms, hands; weakness in arms, hands and neck pain. 

Leaving these conditions undiagnosed or left alone can lead to more degeneration in the cervical spine.  It’s important to understand that once these conditions develop that is nothing to be done to reverse degeneration.  Degeneration in the spine is a permanent condition.  Upper cervical spine care can help to relieve pain and suffering and prevent further damage to the area. 

If you or someone you know if suffering from any of the conditions listed below you should call us immediately: 734-241-1111. 

Neck pain

Shoulder Pain

Numbness in Arm/Hands

Tingling in Arm/Hands

Weakness in Arm/Hands

Remember that not everyone is a candidate for care, some people may need to be referred to a surgeon or physical therapy, so please call for a complimentary consultation.