Our Practice

Why We Are Different

Our priority is to make you as healthy as possible.  As the number one cause of disease is stress, we eliminate the stress in the body by realigning your spine in a gentle and effective way. 


Our Outlook

Health is your birthright. Realignment services will maintain your health and reduce the likelihood of problems later.  We go above and beyond by offering decompression, lordex (physical therapy), cold laser therapy (red light therapy), and nutritional counseling.


Our Method

We take a scientific approach. Our doctors will identify; what is wrong, why is it wrong, how long has it been there and what can we do to help you. Next, we will use a specific exam and x-rays (as necessary) to identify the root cause of your issues. Our x-rays are integral to our process, because atlas orthogonal measures how far off the head is from the spine in order to provide a specific correction.