Our Team

Mia Soto- Front Office Chiropractic Assistant

Mia was a patient of general chiropractic since she was a child. Mia suffered with lower back pain for years, despite continuous treatment. However, after finding out about the Atlas Orthogonal technique through a friend, Mia found relief through Dr. Crowley. Atlas Orthogonal changed her life as she followed Doctor’s recommendations for care. She feels privileged to be able to watch and help patients gain their lives back from their pain

Ilene Benvenuto- Head Back Office Chiropractic Assistant

Ilene is a Monroe native and has been in the healthcare field for over 10 years. Ilene assists Dr. Crowley in the back office and you will often find her helping a patient to receive the greatest benefit from their treatment. Ilene found atlas orthogonal upper cervical care through her daughter Melissa, who had suffered with vertigo for years. After seeing her daughters results, Ilene made the decision to give upper cervical care a try for her migraines and was astounded by the results. After being a care giver for many years, she decided to make the leap into holistic medicine. The Dr Crowley is so excited to have Ilene on board and knows that you will love her as much as our patients do.

Kelsey Smith- Office Manager

Kelsey found Atlas Orthogonal through her parents who have been patients of Dr. Crowley for years. She saw them benefit so much and had to check it out for herself. The atlas orthogonal technique, along with the laser and decompression therapy, has helped her heal from multiple whiplash injuries. She is so happy to help facilitate and watch countless people heal and become pain-free!

Megan Hoffman- Massage Therapist

Megan is a newly graduated massage therapist who became a part of the Upper Cervical family during the thick of the pandemic of 2020. Her grandmother, Marge has been a long-time patient of Dr. DiGregorio and Dr. Crowley; she could not speak any higher of the wonderful staff and attention to care so much so that Megan became enthusiastic about a change of pace.

She loves the atmosphere and the realistic approach to care and goals for patients. Atlas Orthogonal care has played a key role in her own health journey and she has learned what the gold standard for chiropractic care looks and feels like. Becoming a LMT has been a rewarding process, helping her reach her goal of helping people and changing the world, two hands at a time. Megan is also a certified Level II Reiki practitioner who believes in spiritual health as much as physical health helps in leading our best lives.

When she’s not zooming around in the office, you can find Megan doing something creative with a cup of coffee in hand, while jamming to music. She loves to paint, cosplay, make trinkets and do almost anything artistic. Her future plans are to run both a successful massage and art business to inspire and help heal others on their path to living their best life!

She loves her fluffy white cat, Neo who enjoys parkour, eating flowers and snuggles. Most importantly, she adores her family, always giving her the right push to keep going and following her dreams and aspirations.