Our office is out of network with all major medical insurances and non-participating with Medicare


What this means for you:

The patient or guarantee pays the office for services rendered.

We can supply you with a superbill to submit to insurance.


Why do we do this:

We do not want insurance people making health decisions or dictating care for our patients.

Many times, we are the last resort for people and they have been everywhere else. It would not be in integrity with our values to dilute our care schedule or tell something different than the truth to our patients because we have to do the least amount possible in the least amount of time, based on insurance requirements.


How we help:

Our fees are reasonable and fair and we provide an exceptional service.


Fee Schedule (Non-Medicare/Medicaid)

Consultation: $50

Exam: $115

X-rays: $60 per film

Adjustment: $60

Decompression: $50

Cold Laser Therapy: $50

Lordex: $28

Zyto Nutritional Scan: $25

+ Dr Consultation: $100